8th IARP Workshop on Robotics for Risky Environment


The general objective of the International Advanced Robotics Programme (IARP) is to encourage development of advanced robotic systems that can dispense with human work for difficult activities in harsh, demanding, or dangerous environments, and to contribute to the revitalization and growth of the world economy. The eighth IARP WS RISE’2015 will be held in parallel with two NATO Lecture Series (26-27 and 30-31 January) focusing on control and command of Robotics Systems.

Scope and Topics

Robotics solutions properly sized with suitable modularized mechanized structure and well adapted to local conditions of unstructured, sometimes unknown fields can greatly improve the safety and the security of personnel as well as work efficiency, productivity and flexibility. Solving this problem presents challenges in robotic mechanics and mobility, sensors and sensor fusion, autonomous or semi autonomous navigation and machine intelligence.

The workshop will review and discuss the available risky intervention/environmental surveillance technologies, sometimes applied in extreme conditions, along with their limitations and discusses the development efforts to automate tasks related to

  • Inspection of fire or crisis/disaster’s areas
  • CBRN-E  threats
  • Demining Actions
  • Search and Rescue Operations
  • Space and Aerial Monitoring
  • Map building and reconstruction
  • Remote controlled, semi-autonomous, autonomous vehicles
  • Robot (UGV, UAV-RPAS, USV) navigation
  • Networked Multi-robot cooperation

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